Why Amman International Hotel Recommends His Own Private Transportation Services

Security : Because Amman International Hotel enjoys grade B United Nations security Standard, we like to carry forward this level to our transportation services. hence our drivers are selected for their long experience, and employed by the hotel to ensure that you get the best service from door to door.

Also, all of our cars are connected to our own internal GPRS tracking system so that we know where you are at all times.

Communication : Our drivers and hotel staff speak a wide range of languages including English, French, Arabic & Turkish, so that you may be able to take full advantage of your trips and where you may want to go.

Our Drivers are also board certified tour guides and are able to answer any question you may have.

Car Safety Standards : All our cars are brand new 2012 models, licensed to be used on all routes in the kingdom, unlike yellow cabs that are restricted to certain areas and can be fined if caught using un-approved routes.

Insurance Coverage : Our customers are fully insured against accidents that may cause harm or injury.

Rates : Our prices are exactly the same as those approved by the Ministry of Transportation for all
transportation in Jordan







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